Mr. Rajeshkumar Marappan is effervescent and ever-optimistic Managing Director of Townbus India Private Limited. His visions and a great sense of creativity are what set him apart. He has a vast 9 years of experience in Sales & Marketing related to Digital Marketing, Technology, Branding Strategy and Innovative business Marketing, and Market Research. Further, he has launched Townbus India Private Limited that was incorporated in the year 2016.

He has in-depth knowledge of the industry trends and constantly innovates to come up with inventive and feasible solutions. He brings to the table the industry experience and the understanding in the formulation and implementation of strategies and solutions, delivering benefits to clients focusing on robust national and global presence. He plans to bring in innovations to the ingenious process and capture a large market share. Mr. Rajeshkumar likes to motivate his team members to get and do better with every terrain. His main agenda is to take the Brand to the new heights of success.