Kalees Thavamani.M is CTO (Chief Technology Officer). He has over 10 plus years experience in web development using WordPress and PHP based platforms. He is passionate about creating dynamic and responsive websites, customizing modules and setting up scalable servers. He enjoys tweaking the user interface to generate more leads or transactions for the clients. He enjoys cracking technical challenges and making responsive websites which clients will love. Mr.Kalees Thavamani is a hard worker and doesn’t rest, until he is delighted with his work. He is a seasoned professional and having vast experience in the industry. He is developer and He offers the quality and customized solutions and communicates and educates the clients on the best practices in all aspects related to the digital marketing. With the focus and great insight, he brings to the table logical and functional solutions. He is a team leader and ensures that his team works with a focused approach to providing end-to-end solutions to the clients. He is dynamic and offers quick solutions as per the needs of the clients.

His wide exposure in the industry has helped him to come up with inventive solutions. His deep understanding of digital and technology field boost efforts of winning new business from clients as well as the objective of growing the market share.